We want all of our patients to receive high quality dental care that is affordable; after all it is what they deserve. At Lake Country Dental in Saginaw, we don’t let our patients settle for mediocre healthcare. Our exceptionally talented team offers top-of-the-line services that utilize revolutionary dental technology to better diagnose patients’ conditions and create innovative personalized treatment plans.

About Our Facilitysmall_lab

Our Saginaw dental practice invests in cutting-edge dental technology so you can invest in your smile. Your smile is, often times, the first thing a person notices about you so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make an outstanding first impression. Our oral healthcare professionals want to give you the flawless, beautiful smile that sets you’re a part from the crowd. We are dedicated to offering pain-free services that are effective at improving and maintaining the aesthetics and health of your smile, which is why our team chooses to use state-of-the-art technology in combination with our restorative, general, family, and cosmetic dentistry services.

The Revolutionary CEREC® System

Using CEREC®, our doctors can quickly, economically, and comfortably restore damaged or decaying teeth with natural-looking ceramic materials that blend in flawlessly with your existing teeth. This revolutionary technology allows our team to craft a brand new smile for you in just one visit to our Fort Worth facility. Because Lake Country Dental is the proud owner of a CEREC® machine, we can create your restoration and perform it in about one hour.

How Does It Work?

With CEREC® digital images and scans are taken of your smile instead of impressions. Our doctors use a tiny digital camera to acquire an image of the restoration site. The images are immediately uploaded to our computer, which searches a database of thousands of teeth to determine the size, shape, and color of your tooth. A 3D image of how the tooth should be restored is then generated, and our dentists make adjustments to the image, refining the restoration if necessary. Once the CEREC® system designs and develops the restoration, our smile specialists shave down your damaged tooth and bond the ceramic material to the existing stumped surface. Our dentists finish the restoration by polishing the surface of the newly created tooth to blend its appearance. Thanks to this system, restorations that are usually inconvenient and require multiple office visits can now be completed right before your eyes while you wait!

Cutting Edge Equipment

At Lake Country Dental, we use digital imaging as well as X-Rays to give patients an in-depth look at the condition of their teeth, gums, and jaw. We show patients detailed images of aspects that are not visible to the naked eye. For most patients, x-rays are taken once every year instead of at each office visit. However, detailed digital images can be taken at any time before a patient undergoes a treatment, helping him or her to known exactly what to expect throughout a procedure. Digital imaging is most commonly used by our dentists on restorative dentistry patients. This advancement in dental technology supplies patients with a look at their smiles before treatment and gives them a projected glimpse at what their smile will look like after.

We have found that by using superior equipment we can alleviate stress related to undergoing a procedure and give patients more satisfying results. Our team also uses extraoral cameras, which are less invasive and more comfortable and convenient for both our doctors and our patient. This type of high resolution camera helps us to acquire an image from the outside of your cheek, rather than the inside of your mouth.

Learn More about Our Technology

We use dental technology to make certain that our patients receive efficient dental care that takes into consideration their safely, desires, and comfort. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Snider, we encourage you to contact our Saginaw restorative dentistry office to schedule an appointment.