Dental Phobia

Anxiety Free Dentistry in Fort Worth

Coping with Dental Phobia

If you have a fear of the dentist, you are not alone. Approximately 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental anxiety. Combining modern anesthetics and innovative conscious sedation dentistry, the Lake Country Dental team in Fort Worth can help you overcome your dental phobia. Don’t let your fear and apprehensions jeopardize your oral health any longer.

What Is a Dental Phobia?

A “phobia” is defined as “an irrational severe fear that leads to avoidance of the feared situation, object, or activity.” Patients who have a dental phobia often suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and often become overwhelmingly perturbed when thinking of about their teeth, going to the dentist, oral procedures, and treatments.

People who suffer from a dental phobia often spend a great deal of time reflecting on their teeth, dentists, and dental situations. This type of phobia can cause an excessive amount of stress which ultimately impacts other aspects of your life. Sufferers don’t just put their oral health in jeopardy, but their level of stress can negatively affect their heart health and relationships with others. This fear is sometimes generated by a painful, devastating, or traumatic experience at a dentist, or can it can be an unreasonable fear that has been developed over time. Whether your fear is irrational, excessive, or unreasonable our phenomenal dental team can service your smile and ease your apprehension throughout your visit.


Lake Country Dental at Eagle Mountain Lake offers a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, implant, general and family dentistry services that can be performed in combination with sedation dentistry. We recommend that most patients who suffer from a dental phobia use a form of sedation to ease their fear, anxiety, and apprehension while undergoing a procedure. We require all patients who are seeking treatment and desire the use of sedatives to have a consultation with our doctors before undergoing treatment. During the appointment, our doctors will discuss with you your fears and address you concerns whole explaining how sedation dentistry can effectively put you at ease.

We offer oral, IV, and nitrous oxide sedation, all of which allow the patient to remain awake, alert, and able to communicate with our experienced dental professionals. We also provide noise-cancelling headphones to help block the common sounds of a dental office. Our team is compassionate, conscious of your worries, and gentle when offering treatment. The last thing that we want is for your phobia to control your life and cause irreversible damage to your unique smile.

Contact Our Fort Worth Office about Sedation Dentistry for Your Dental Phobia

No matter what form of sedation dentistry you choose to use, it is important to have someone accompany you to your appointment and to take you home because even after your treatment, you may still feel the effects of the sedatives. To learn more about what type of sedation dentistry can help you overcome your dental phobia, contact Lake Country Dental in Fort Worth today!