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Saginaw Dental - Lake Country DentalWhen it comes to Saginaw dental care for the entire family, look no further than Lake Country Dental. Our dental professionals have years of technical trailing and extensive experience providing quality dental care for people of all ages.

As one of the leading providers of family, general and pediatric dentistry services in the Fort Worth, Saginaw, Lake Worth, Springtown, and Azle areas, the Lake Country Dental team is dedicated to fostering healthy habits in your children, implementing preventive care that yields optimal oral health, and offering safe and gentle services that are extremely successful at keeping your smile in tip-top shape.

Our Saginaw dental practice communicates with children in terms they would easily understand and work to ensure each member of your family is comfortable and confident throughout whatever procedure they choose to undergo.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Is pain in your jaw keeping you from sleeping soundly through the night? IF you frequently experience severe headaches, pain in your face and neck, hear popping or clicking noises when you are talking or chewing, then you may have TMJ disorder.

After evaluating the condition of your smile and composition of your jaw, our general dentistry and family dentistry professionals in Fort Worth can prescribe a personalized treatment plan that will diminish your pain and correct your condition.

Oral Hygiene

As a parent, it is important to schedule by-annual examinations and general oral hygiene cleanings for your children. Placing an emphasis on the importance of proper dental care can help your children avoid devastating dental crises’ and it can set their smile up for success.

Flossing regularly, using fluoride treatments, and brushing your teeth at least two times a day can help you protect your gums and teeth from harmful decay, plaque, and periodontal disease.


Dentists recommend children brush and floss their teeth daily to prevent cavities and gingivitis. The general dentistry and family dentistry teams at Lake Country Dental in Fort Worth recognize that kids aren’t known for the dedication to maintaining optimal oral hygiene. To ensure your child’s smile stays protected as they develop, Dr. Snider places sealants on their teeth to block decay and prevent cavities from developing.

Composite Fillings

Are your teeth decayed? If so, Lake Country Dental offers composite resin fillings that blend in naturally with your existing teeth and restore your decaying teeth. Composite fillings are generally used to treat cavities and repair decayed areas of the tooth. Composite fillings are not painful and they can be installed in a single office visit. The tiny cosmetic enhancements can enhance the shape of a disfigured tooth and can protect your teeth from developing more severe damage.

How Diet Affects Your Oral Health

The experienced oral healthcare professionals at Lake Country Dental believe that patient education is the cornerstone to achieving and maintain optimal oral health. Our general dentistry and family dentistry team in Fort Worth helps patients understand the role diet and a healthy lifestyle, free of harmful habits, plays in your oral well-being. A well-balanced diet can reduce your risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, and many other devastating conditions.

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