Oral Surgery

Offering Surgical Solutions to Improve Your Smile

Oral Surgery- Fort Worth DentistOur state-of-the-art dental facility has a complete surgical suite which allows Dr. Snider and his team to perform all surgical procedures in house. Our oral surgery suite is just one of the aspects that make our Saginaw facility so dynamic. In addition to our experienced smile specialists, we provide patients living in Eagle Mountain Lake, Springtown, Azle, Lake Worth, Saginaw, and Fort Worth with exceptional services ranging from implant oral dentistry to general and pediatric dentistry.

Our modern suites are comfortable and truly have a tranquil atmosphere. The staff at Lake Country Dental has created an environment that children can play and enjoy themselves in, and patients can relax and receive quality care that is comprehensive and preventive or corrective. Lake Country Dental is a place where patients feel welcomed, taken care of, and respected.

Are You In Need of Oral Surgery?

A number of oral conditions may increase your need for oral surgery, including:

We offer sedation dentistry for all of our patients who need to undergo a surgical procedure. Sedation dentistry can alleviate anxiety that is related to a dental visit or procedure, while placing a patient in a state of deep relation. Lake Country Dental also uses general anesthesia to help patients forget stages of surgery and remain sedated throughout the entire procedure. Patients generally awaken feeling groggy and tired. All of the sedative agents that we use during oral surgery at our Fort Worth facility are safe and clinically proven to be effective.

Dental Implant Surgery

Oral Surgery- Fort Worth DentistIf you have lost teeth due to injury or infection, dental implants are an alternative option to dentures. Dental implants act as artificial roots and support fixed dentures or crowns to provide stability and restore function to your smile. This type of surgery involves Dr. Snider implanting the artificial root directly into your jawbone. In the weeks following your surgery, the jawbone and titanium implant will grow together and then prosthetics are connected to the implant post that protrudes your gum line. Usually, patients only need local anesthesia to keep them comfortable and free of pain during surgery.

TMJ Disorder Surgery

If you suffer from TMJ disorder you may need to have oral surgery. Join surgery is an option for advanced cases of TMJ when oral medications, physical therapy, and mouth guards have been unsuccessful. There are several surgical options available to correct TMD including disc repositioning, discectory, articular eminence recontouring, partial joint replacement, and total joint replacement. Depending on your level of discomfort and the condition of your jaw, Dr. Snider will configure an effective surgical treatment that solves your dental problem.

Root Canal Surgery

When your tooth’s nerve tissue is damaged bacteria begins to fester inside the pulp chamber. The bacteria can cause infection and may cause the nerve and root to become irritated, resulting in irritation and inflammation. Damage to the nerve will affect your sensitivity to hot or cold and will present persistent pain that requires doctor attention. If a patient waits too long to seek treatment, they are at a higher risk for losing the tooth completely.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Oral Surgery- Fort Worth DentistAs you age, your jaw continues to develop. Sometimes there is not enough room for developing teeth. The lack of space in your smile sometimes causes growing molars to become impacted. The pesky wisdom teeth can crowd your existing teeth resulting in pain, swelling, and damage to nearby teeth, bone, and gums. Dr. Snider can easily remove the additional teeth, before the damage becomes more severe, through surgery.

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