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Teeth Whitening in Saginaw

teeth whitening - fort worth dentistAre you on a quest for radiant, healthy-looking pearly whites? Teeth whitening treatments can give you the brighter, whiter, more confident smile that you have been searching for. At Lake Country Dental, our Saginaw cosmetic dentist uses ZOOM!®, a revolutionary teeth whitening system, to give our Saginaw patients the beautiful smiles that they desire.

About ZOOM!®

According to Philips, ZOOM!® is the light-activated teeth whitening system most commonly used by dentists worldwide. ZOOM!® Whitening is an advanced teeth whitening procedure that produces dramatic, phenomenal results. Our Saginaw dentists perform in-office whitening treatment as well as prescribe professional whitening systems for at-home use.

We begin the treatment by applying a specific amount of whitening serum to an appliance that forms to the curvature of your teeth. The whitening agent is powerful because of its unique hydrogen peroxide component. The appliance is placed on the inside of your mouth and then our dentists carefully inspect the positioning of the whitening tray to make certain the activating agent is evenly applied to your smile and isn’t touching your gums.

What sets this whitening system apart is its advanced activation LED light component. The violet light takes teeth whitening to a whole other level! The light is not harmful to the rest of your body; rather, it activates the bleaching agent in the whitening gel.

The teeth whitening treatment at Lake Country Dental in Saginaw takes about 60 minutes to complete. The results are stunning and can be seen immediately following a single treatment.

Benefits of ZOOM!®

Although teeth whitening is performed as a cosmetic enhancement and doesn’t possess health benefits, it does give your smile a more healthy-looking appearance. The ZOOM!® system can remove stains caused by coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. Whitening can also improve the color of your teeth if you are a frequent user of tobacco products or if you use certain medications.

At-home Whitening at Eagle Mountain Lake

Over-the-counter whitening systems, including gels, mouth rinses, and tooth pastes, are significantly less effective than ZOOM!® in-office treatment. Some patients see somewhat whiter teeth after a few uses of the products; however, many patients never see results. At-home teeth whitening systems that have not been administered by our dentists can result in irreversible, harmful damage to your tooth’s enamel and gums, as well as extreme sensitivity to cold or hot foods, drinks, and temperatures.

Whitening is not recommended for women who are pregnant, individuals under the age of 16, or patients who have sensitive teeth and gums, receding gums, or decayed teeth. People who are sensitive or allergic to hydrogen peroxide will also want to avoid teeth whitening.

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